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General Stamping Company

About General Stamping Company

For over 50 years General Stamping Company has specialized in manufacturing precision miniature metal components. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control equipment. JIT and Demand Flow are not new to us - it has been that way from the beginning. General Stamping's reputation for quality, on-time delivery, customer services and assistance in designing stampings is unsurpassed.

Whether your challenge is lead time, meeting critical tolerances, complex formed parts, material, or high volume lead frames, GSC can offer cost-effective solutions.
Compare us to your best supplier, contact a sales representative, or send us a quote. We'll send you our award winning brochure and any additional information or samples of our work which you require.

Quality control Manual, Facilities List, and Customer References are available up request.

Click here to view our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy